Red welts upon awakening in the morning | Red welts, welts itch, don’t see anything, husband isn’t getting bitten

For the past several nights I’ve awoken to red welts on my legs. The welts itch like some kind of bug bites, but I can’t figure out what is causing it if it is bites. I’ve checked my ac unit near my bed to see if there is any openings and possibly no-see-um or mosquitoes are getting inside at night.

I’m having no luck in finding the cause of these odd bites. It’s like I go to bed at night and am awoken night after night with a firey pain on my legs. When I turn on the light, I don’t see anything. My husband is sleeping right next to me and he isn’t being bitten. I’ve even bought some Off hoping that if it’s mosquitoes or no-see-um it will deter them. It hasn’t worked.

We found a cricket on the wall the next morning and killed it. My son had read online where someone said they had been bitten by a cricket.

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