Sleepless with bed bugs | Red welt bites with no bugs in sight and husband isn’t getting bit, bug that is this persistent, bug that is this persistent

I haven’t slept an entire night through in quite awhile now. The biting starts like clockwork about the same time, which is generally between 2a.m. and 6a.m. in the morning about 2 hours to 4 hours after I go to bed.

My husband at least believes that there’s a problem now. He gets bit occasionally. I get bit a lot and regularly. I’ve sprayed and cleaned and removed half of the bedroom so that they won’t have anywhere to hide. It just feels like nothing is working.

I had to even bring chemicals into the equation and although I used if faithfully, it really didn’t do anything but slow them down for a day or two.

It feels like their population is growing and I’m spending most of my days fighting them with little success. OMG. I’ve never ran into a bug that is this persistent and impossible to kill.

I wonder why exactly this bug was created. What kind of use could it possibly have in the big picture of things.

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